What do clients say


I had the good fortune of working with Urs as a coach as part of my executive development plan and I really cannot say enough about the impact his coaching had on my career. He worked with me through some very challenging circumstances that required tough decisions. His coaching was instrumental in helping me work through the challenges to arrive at decisions that were aligned with my values and effective in meeting the needs of the business. 
As a bonus, he is a delightful person! He prepared thoughtfully for our sessions, was always respectful of my time in honoring our commitments to the coaching plan, and provided high quality coaching that really zeroed in on uncovering the most important aspects of a problem we were discussing.  
I am grateful for his coaching and can recommend him without reservation.



Vice President, Minneapolis




Urs help me through his listening, his questioning in an empathetic, neutral and safe environment find focus on my values, how I wanted to be with others, what I needed to get there and the paths towards my aspirations. His support was very valued during the journey I took to take a new role in a new company and a new country



Sr. Director, Switzerland


It has been my privilege to work with Urs as his client in the late part of 2016 and early 2017.


Urs has a grounded, calm style whilst also being able to fiercy hold the space for me as a client to claim what

I was seeking in our engagement. Urs intuitively knew when as a client I was in my

head and not listening to my heart. Despite my best efforts, he had had the ability to shift my focus

back into my heart (which is where I needed to be) to get to what was real for me and really required to move me forward.


His corporate, life and coaching experience enables Urs to ask purposeful, powerful, insightful questions. He has

a gift to listen to the energy of responses and not just the answers. The combination of these skills,

his style, presence, insight, intuition, endless caring and curiosity for me as

whole person allowed us to create a clear space for me to make major decisions in my life. I saw results, more than I had

expected, which is the ultimate testimony to Urs as a coach and his work.


I have no hesitation in recommending clients from all works of life to work with Urs. Whether in corporate

life seeking executive coaching, or for private clients making decisions in life that matter - Urs has the

coaching ability to work with you to get you to where you want to go and be in life.



CPCC, London



Very fortunately, I was selected to participate in a career counseling opportunity with Urs Brunner while we were both working for the Latin American region in Medtronic. During the coaching, Urs helped me focus on actions that would help me increase my business acumen, communicate more effectively with superiors, and improve my personal presence in the company. He accomplished this using a variety of methods. Urs used open-ended and probing questions to allow me to identify conclusions and possible solutions. He did this while also providing guidance and advice. He is very knowledgeable with organization models and tools and applies them very aptly when the situation calls for the tool. I highly recommend Urs for both personal and organizational consulting and coaching. Readily, I would continue to utilize him on a regular basis were that available to me.



Business Director, Mexico City




I had the privilege of working with Urs at Medtronic as his direct report. Some of the areas that I admire the most about Urs include his strong work ethics and professionalism, his clear direction as well as his ability to provide immediate constructive feedback to drive professional growth and development. These characteristics inspired and motivated me to execute at peak performance and attain results. More than a Manager, Urs was my coach and I will always be grateful for everything I learned from him. I strongly recommend Urs as a coach.


Sr. Manager, Miami



It is rare to work with someone, like Urs, who has the combined gift of vision, strategy and passion for people! I have had the pleasure of working with Urs as the Program Manager of Medtronic's Internal Coaching Practice. As a coach, Urs has incredible intuition and insightful questions. I am particularly impressed by his ability to get to the heart of the matter when coaching. His questions are insightful, respectful and based on a deep ability to listen beyond the words. As a business leader, he was able to combine his passion for coaching with his ability to see opportunity to envision and suggest a new coaching program to accelerate the integration efforts with Covidien. Urs is great addition to our Coaching Cadre and Medtronic.



CPCC, Minneapolis





I had the huge opportunity to have Urs as my coach for 8 months and has been a phenomenal experience. I immediately felt that I was in a safe environment and it was easy to be absolutely honest with him. I never felt embarrassed to talk about weaknesses or mistakes. He truly helps you to grow by challenging you and guiding you out of your comfort zone. When you are dealing with a challenging situation, he masterfully guides you to see the situation through the lenses of others. I felt that he truly understood my personality and gave me the tailored advice I needed.



Sr. Manager, Switzerland


I had the good fortune to engage in a structured professional coaching program with Urs. Over a 6 month period, Urs guided me through professional and personal development. The experience was a true partnership and my outcome was both professional and personal growth. Urs set clear expectations up front and truly provided active coaching throughout the time period customized to areas of my interest. I highly recommend Urs for anyone interested in professional and personal development.



Sr. Director, Minneapolis


Durante el periodo que recibí coaching por parte de Urs, me encontraba atravesando momentos muy difíciles, tanto a nivel profesional como personal,  los cuales el siempre con paciencia y profesionalismo supo orientar, acompañar y apoyar de diferentes formas.  De su mano puede encontrar dentro de mí misma la respuesta a muchos interrogantes y seguir a la siguiente etapa.

Hoy luego de unos años de haber terminado la experiencia de coaching, reviso los ejercicios de visualización que hicimos, y con satisfacción encuentro que estoy donde quería, Nuca voy a poder agradecer lo suficiente por esto.



Director, Bogota